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I am studying Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

Currently, I am researching the reliability and resilience of deep neural networks by developing PyTorchFI. It won The Lynn Conway Research Award for Best Technical Demonstration at the ADA research center.


I am passionate about using technology to give back to my community. I am currently working as a software developer for Hack4Impact, where I work to develop software for non-profit organizations.

Recently, I’ve also been working to make computer science education and software engineering more accessible through elore, the open-source collective I co-founded at MIT.


Through my travels, I became passionate about taking photos of the different places I have explored. I put some of them up at

Side Projects

You can see how I work at, where I post some things I find helpful to keep me productive.

Outside of larger projects, I like to work on smaller projects in my free time. Here are some of my notable side projects:

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