Harker Development Team

The Harker Development team has built many utilities for The Harker School, and has become an official development group at the Harker School.

When I was attending The Harker School, I helped found the Harker Development team. In doing so, I was a primary contributor and founder of the following projects from ideation to execution:

Collectively, these applications have collectively been used over 200,000 times by students and faculty (~1000 people) over the course of 4 years.

Although I have graduated from Harker, I continue to stay involved with the growth and development of the organization. I continue to contribute to projects, and mentor the current members.

Harker Development has been responsible for the development and implementation of Harker Pay, a proprietary transaction platform for both students and faculty to make purchases.

Check out HarkerDev at https://harkerdev.github.io.

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