Neeraj Aggarwal

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Hi, I'm Neeraj! I work to build robust, secure, fast software. My experience has been broadly focused in machine learning, systems, and security.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon with my master's in Machine Learning, where my research focused on optimizing parallel and distributed machine learning. I received my bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, where my research focused on improving machine learning robustness and resilience. I also led teams to build intuitive, accessible software for nonprofits as the National Director of Product for Hack4Impact

I currently work at Applied Intuition. Some of my previous experience includes:

  • SnorkelAI ML Engineering team working on information extraction models
  • Databricks ML Data team working on production model monitoring tools
  • Facebook on various ads & AI teams working across data, privacy, and reliability
  • on monocular localization and mapping algorithms

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].