Neeraj Aggarwal

putzing around in sf 🌉

thinking about clouds ☁️






Hi, I'm Neeraj! I work to build robust, secure, fast systems. My experience has been broadly focused in machine learning, systems, and security.

I'm recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon with my master's in Machine Learning, where I was researching parallel and distributed machine learning. I received my bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, where my research focused on machine learning robustness and resilience.

I've worked at SnorkelAI on the ML Engineering team for rich doc information extraction models, Databricks on the ML Data team for model monitoring tools, and Facebook on various Ads and AI teams for data, privacy, and reliability. I also led teams to build intuitive, accessible software for nonprofits as the National Director of Product for Hack4Impact.

Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].